sexta-feira, 16 de maio de 2008

The Cat & the Mouse

When I woke up this morning what a great surprise
After look in the mirror I saw a mouse.

He was very ugly and fat,
But he was in a hurry, that I can bet.

He ran thru the hall putting his tie
With no time even to say goodbye.

When the elevator arrived, guess who was inside.
The mighty cat super , dressed as a highway trooper…
So the mouse come into the elevator so quick and say
Good morning my friend, what a great day!

The cat smile and agree, while the mouse thinks… Why Me?

They both have to hurry because they’re late.
One is the hunter and the other is the bait.

One goes flying from point A to point B, trying to avoid the other to see.
The other using a radar so potent, tries to bite the tail of the poor rodent.

But when the day ends they stop to press the accelerator, to meet at the same elevator.
The mouse asks, did you have a nice day? Wonderful! The cat immediately say.

When the mouse leave the elevator on his floor, he asks God to quickly close that door.

He knows that sooner or later they will meet, but the mouse preffers that would never
happens on the street…